Pubic hair on the anal passage - Womens anal hair

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Why do we have butt hair, and how do you remove it? Here's what you need to know about lasering, waxing, and shaving your butt hair. Generally the answer is yes, but not as much as men. In saying that I had a girlfriend once whose butt hair was thicker than Brer Rabbit's brambles. I didn't know.

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By Zulkikasa - 11:50 › Boards › Community Central › The Vestibule.
By Mazujin - 03:01
I prefer guys but when I do fuck girls, nothing kills the mood like when you're trailing kisses down her body and end up with a faceful of hair.
By Gardalmaran - 14:38
Ok i'm completely mortified typing this but I have a really hairy bum for a woman. If I bent over you wouldn't be able to tell if Read more on Netmums.
By Shazragore - 20:27
Every girl gets hair there and for some its only little with hardly any colour and for some its thick and black. Each will grow back at different times. Honeslty i.

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